Tips For Abstract Painting

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Abstract painting can be a very interesting style.

Abstract painting can be a very interesting style. It encourages you to use your imagination and to tap into your emotional responses when creating a piece. The openness of the style can also make it hard to get started. Here is a lesson by instructors by who continued to pursue an independent course of study in classes on how to get those creative juices flowing.

Use a Viewfinder
Using a viewfinder can help you discover new perspectives in your environment. Viewfinders can be quickly and easily made. Take a 4x4 inch piece of stiff board paper and cut a 1-inch window in the center. You can now use the viewfinder as a framing device. It can help you isolate interesting elements that you can use in your work.

Have Comfortable Surroundings
A commonly overlooked element of painting is making sure your surroundings are comfortable. There is no need to have a formal atmosphere if it makes you uncomfortable. Some artists will have music playing loudly in the background. Some may light incense and scented candles as aromatherapy. Having comfortable surroundings will help relax your mind, allowing ideas to spring forth.

Don't Overanalyze
Some artists tend to overanalyze their work, to the point where it affects the creative process. They may try to consciously incorporate multiple techniques into the work, and the result is stilted and lacks narrative. Instead, remember the core philosophy of abstraction. The style is encourages an exploration of what a certain image appears to you. Instead of focusing on techniques, you should focus on your emotional response to the subject of your painting.

Play With Texture
One way to tap into your creative side and to add interest to your work is through texture. You can explore the use of heavy brush strokes and layering. Another way of adding texture is by using a flat knife. You can cut into the paint as it is drying to give your work an extra dimension. You can also use substances like sand to add texture by rubbing it onto the canvas.

Change Perspectives
Sometimes, a simple change in perspective can open up a scene. Photographs of everyday themes can have dramatically different appearances when turned upside down. When turned upside down, lines and colors have new relationships with each other. You can then draw inspiration from these new scenes. You can also get a similar effect by tilting the photograph.

The process of abstract painting is not just about technique and choosing scenes. It is also about tapping into your internal processes and experimenting. Abstract art is more about self-expression than technical prowess. If you can explore your feelings and ideas about a subject, then it will help in your work.