Introduction to Taxation Planning and Its Types

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Introduction to Taxation Planning and Its Types

You must have heard about the word tax planning but it is not necessarily well understood by many. Tax planning is the process performed by an organization, business and an individual to evaluate their financial profile. It is performed with the goal to minimise the amount need to pay on profit or personal income.

An effective tax planning includes in-deep analysing of investment infrastructure, expenditure and other factors that affect the aspects of tax planning. Accounting, financing, banking and insurance form tax planner who can help with different aspects of tax planning in accordance with the types of services they provide and the law involve with their industries.

Students who are pursuing a degree program in taxation need taxation planning assignment help to understand various methods of tax planning including:

1. Short term tax planning

2. Long-term tax planning

3. Permissive tax planning

4. Purposive tax planning

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