An Introduction to Dog Grooming

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Anyone who owns a dog knows how scruffy and uncomfortable they can get if they are not groomed regularly. When you groom your dog on a regular basis not only will he be more comfortable and sweet smelling, your home will smell better too. Your dog probably loves poking his nose, and often the rest of his body, into all of those spaces where you wish he wouldn't go. When you manage to get him away from the interesting muddy patch or the strange bush, he will often be covered in mud and burrs from the bush, and the only answer is a good grooming.


Keep Your Pet Healthy

If you want a healthy dog then you need to keep your dog clean. Regular grooming involves a daily brushing, regular bathing, cleaning your dog's ears and getting his nails clipped. Dogs need regular brushing and grooming because loose and dead hair collects underneath his coat, not only making him less comfortable, but providing the ideal hiding placing for those nasty fleas and ticks that seem to both so many dogs in the summer months.

Find yourself a reputable pet shop where the staff are knowledgeable and will be able to provide you with tips on good Dog Grooming Zetland. There are plenty of dog parlours around where you can get your dog shampooed and brushed to within an inch of his life, but this is not a cheap service and most dog owners will leave a professional shampoo and grooming session for special occasions. Get some grooming spray for your dog, your pet shop staff should be able to recommend the bes product for your dog and use that when you giving him a good brush and comb through. Grooming spray helps to reduce pet odour and keeps your pet's coat looking fresh and shining for longer.


While most dogs need to be brushed on a regular basis, what constitutes regular will differ between owners and their particular dogs. Short haired dogs often require less brushing and grooming than say a spaniel or a collie. If you leave spaniels and collies too long between grooming sessions then it is all too easy for their coats to become matted and unsightly and they will be very uncomfortable. When you get your pet you should ask either the breeder or the manager of your local pet shop which grooming products and tools are best suited to your pet. If you have a short haired dog then he will require a different type of comb and dog brush to a long haired dog.

You should endeavour to give your dog a bath or get him to the dog parlour every six to eight weeks, providing you groom regularly and thoroughly in between, this should keep your dog happy and healthy. One aspect of grooming that is often neglected when it should be attended to is your pet's teeth. If you can't persuade your dog to have his teeth cleaned now and then give him plenty of bones and the occasional dental stick to help reduce the tartar levels and keep his gums healthier for longer.